The company

Todone group was founded back in 1965 as manufacture of lumber and wood components. Later on Todone started to produce seating for community and contract use. Our constant commitment to quality woodworking and our vast experience, acquired in fifty years work, have earned us a fine international reputation.
Our production targets a very discerning and increasingly demanding market in terms of functionality, aesthetics and stability – specific characteristics which the market finds in Todone products.

Our mission

A leading, customer service-driven manufacturer that also pays great attention to major topical concerns, especially those concerning the environment. In fact we use only noble wood for our products, sourced from selected, sustainable managed European.
To ensure the highest quality standards, we perform the entire production process within our factory. We received fresh timber which is then dried naturally because our pursuit of perfection starts from the very first stage of production. Once the wood has reached optimum humidity it is sent to the sawmill where we check its grain and any knots or cracks before drawing on the wood the shape to be cut. Traditions from the past that are still used today to give our products the hallmark Todone quality our customers have come to expect. The selection of our wide range of community and contract seating are based on the superior creativity and attentiveness to the market’s expressed and hidden needs.